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Jan 4, 2018

Connect SoundTouch app to speakers on another network?

I'm trying to help a friend who is having various intermittent problems with Alexa -> SoundTouch connectivity.  However, we are physically far apart.  She gave me the credentials for her Amazon and Bose accounts.  Temporarily connecting my Echo Dot to her account, I was able to link the SoundTouch skill and (at least some of the time) saying "Alexa, ask Bose to ..." works correctly, so I know that her speakers are properly connected to the Bose cloud.


However, although I can log into the SoundTouch app and see the speakers in her account, I can't control or change anything.  There is a warning that I must be on the same Wi-Fi network.  Is that correct?  I would think that the app would 'talk' to the Bose cloud and could be anywhere in the world.


Assuming that the warning is valid, can I work around it by setting up a VPN server on her network, so that when my phone connects to the VPN, it gets a 192.168.0.x address assigned by her router (on the same subnet as the Bose speakers)?  I found a similar question in the archives but was not allowed to add to that thread.  There, the moderator shawn_o1 said "I am sorry but the SoundTouch speaker will not be compatible with a VPN network. Running a VPN connection effectively places your computer on a different network and would keep your SoundTouch speaker from being found."  IMO, the OP was misunderstood.  Specifically, running the VPN connection would effectively place my phone on the same network with the SoundTouch speakers.


If the VPN won't work, any other suggestions on how to remotely manage these speakers will be gratefully appreciated.


In case it matters, here are some details:  My friend is American and has a US Amazon account, including Prime Music Unlimited.  She has a vacation home in Paris, where she locally purchased a Wave SoundTouch IV and two SoundTouch 10 speakers.  She set them up with the SoundTouch app on iPhone 8, installed from France App Store, but has everything in English.  I'm in Bangkok and installed the SoundTouch app on my Motorola phone from Thailand Play Store, but everything also appears in English.