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Sep 7, 2016

Connect to a smart tv !!

I would like to know if I can connect my soundtouch 30 to my sharp 4k smart tv ??
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Sep 11, 2014

Re: Connect to a smart tv !!

Hi hassanqutub,
The SoundTouch 30 is designed as a system for music playback and streaming Wi-Fi audio. It does not have the correct digital audio input to connect to most home theater equipment for high quality sound. We do not recommend it for this type of use.
That said, here's how connecting it would work:

  • If your Sharp TV has a headphone jack that produces analog sound, this could be connected to the Aux in on the back of the ST 30.
  • If the TV has no headphone jack, you may need to use a separate Digital-to-analog converter in line between the two products.

Between the quality loss and the potential for a substantial delay between the audio and video in either case above, there is a decent chance that this setup would not perform correctly for your needs. We would definitely advise against this type of setup.
For a compatible TV speaker that would serve this purpose our Solo 15 system would be a great match. It has the necessary digital inputs directly on board.
For a SoundTouch enabled product that would also be useful for home theater, the SoundTouch 120 and 130 models would be where you would want to look. 
Hope this helps!