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Sep 12, 2016

Connecting CD player to Soundtouch 130

Ive recently purchased the Soundtouch 130 and I'm very happy with its performance so far. I want to use it as a music system and I'm planning on connecting a CD player to the phono inputs on the console (I haven't set up Soundtouch or downloaded the app yet) How do I select the phono inputs using the remote to listen to the CD player?
Many thanks 
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Sep 11, 2014

Re: Connecting CD player to Soundtouch 130

Hi Woolfie,
The RCA inputs on the back of the media console (Red & White jacks) default to playing on the "TV" input. You can press the TV button on the remote to hear this source.
If you prefer, this can be re-assigned through the settings menu to use any of the other labels (GAME, AUX, BD/DVD etc.). You can press the "settings" button on the remote and use the up/down arrows to find the "SELECT ANALOG INPUT" options. This can then be adjusted with the left/right arrows to whichever source label you prefer. 
(Note that doing this will override any HDMI input on the source label you choose.)
Hope this helps!