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Mar 13, 2019

Connecting speakers to the sound waive

I purchased a Waive soundTouch IV and 2 Soundtouch 10 wireless speakers. Everything works great except when I play the radio the speakers do not work. Can someone give me an answer to why and what I have to do. Thank you

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Feb 26, 2019

Re: Connecting speakers to the sound waive

Hello UEH, 

Thank you for reaching out to the community. Sorry to hear that you are having issues and I will gladly help!

It would depend on what radio you are using, if you are using the built-in radio of the Wave ST IV, It will work as a traditional radio system; only coming out of the Wave Speakers.
If you want to have the Wave and the Soundtouch 10 speakers playing together. You need to use the Soundtouch app and the TuneIn service on the app. 

That way you can select radio stations and select the "Play All" Function on the app which will broadcast the same radio station on all the speakers. You can use the app on either a smart phone, tablet or any computer 

Hope this helps, If you have any other questions please do get back in touch. 

Kind regards 
Liam G - Community Support