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Jul 25, 2020

Connectivity issues with Bose SoundTouch20 (no BlueTooth feature)



I recently moved to Europe from the US and I'm having connectivity issues when setting up my SoundTouch20 (2013, no BlueTooth) when using my iMac. The issue is that the computer is not recognizing the speaker via the network whether the speaker is connected via Wi-Fi or ethernet.


When beginning the setup, the SoundTouch App does recognize that the USB cable is connecting the speaker to the computer. I’ve then tried to connect using both ‘Wi-Fi’ and ‘Ethernet’ approaches. When trying to connect via the ethernet, the message I get on the app is that ‘No ethernet found’.


When trying to connect via using the ‘Wi-Fi’ option I enter my network and password details and click connect. After the message ‘Connecting. This could take a minute or two’ and then ‘Connecting. Searching for speakers on your network. Make sure your computer is connected to this network: “ my network name” ‘ the message I get is “Your computer can’t communicate with the speaker. Your computer’s firewall may be blocking the app.” I’ve checked the Firewall and it has not been enabled.


I've reset the device to manufacturers settings and reinstalled the Soundtouch app but it is still giving me the same issues. I've checked the router settings which say that the speaker and computer are connected to the same network.


I feel that it may either be an issue with the OS (Catalina) or with the SoundTouch App. I’m not sure what steps I should take next so any advice would be greatly appreciated. 


Many thanks!


Re: Connectivity issues with Bose SoundTouch20 (no BlueTooth feature)

Hello Philobri, 


Welcome to the forums. 


The troubleshooting you have tried so far is super great! Thanks for giving us so much information, it really helps. Could I please ask if you have any issues using the SoundTouch app with the speaker on your phone? 


I would like to try updating and then factory resetting the speaker again. Once you have done this, please can you let me know if this helps at all?



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