Connectivity / visibility Issues

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Connectivity / visibility Issues

Reading the posts over the last few days I am struck by the number of similar sounding connectivity type issues that are springing up. They also manifest as not seeing devices from the app, although they are connected.


The standard advice of reboot / reboot router / buy a new router / it's your overloaded network seems (generally) not to fix things permanently.The issues seemed to get worse after the latest 18.x ecosystem release - but that could be my imagination.


Bose, could please post a response? Do you have a problem here?


Many thanks


Re: Connectivity / visibility Issues

Hi grk999,


Thank you for the post.  Are you having detection issues with your SoundTouch system?  If you can explain what's going on I'd be more than happy to help.


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Re: Connectivity / visibility Issues



I have had many diofferent roblems.  Hoever the point I was making was the frequency of issues with visibility / connectivity / streaming stopping seem to have increased markedly after the last release.


I was just asking for the Bose view of that