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Sep 5, 2016

Continual download even when off?

I have 4 SoundTouch devices at my lake house - (2) Series 4 amps, (1) SoundTouch Cinema and (1) Portable.  I was recently researching traffic on my LAN and noticed that the 2 amps are the largest bandwidth users of all devices on my LAN.  Over the last 17 days, 1 unit has downloaded 686 GB of data downloaded and 18.5 GB uploaded and the other 44.5 GB downloaded and 1.43 uploaded.  The next biggest is my media server at 6.84 GB.
The concern is in past 17 days, I have been there 3 days and didn't use either amp.  I did watch 3 movies through the media server and all the other figures shown seem accurate for other devices like my PC. 
I reset the counters 17 days ago after seeing very similar results with massive amounts of downloads from Bose devices. 
Any ideas why the Bose would be downloading such massive data? 

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Sep 2, 2014

Re: Continual download even when off?

That certainly seems like an extraordinary amount of data to be downloaded by the systems.  We'll be sending you an email shortly so we can get your SoundTouch account information and we'll look into it further.