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Dec 15, 2015

Continuous play of tracks on an album

I have got the soundtouch 10. I have added my music library (itunes). When i select the library then artists, I get a list of the albums for that artist. If I select one of the albums, I get a list of the tracks on that album. If I select one of the tracks, it then plays that track - no problem. however, it then stops and does not continue to play the next track unless I select it manually. If I select "Play All" from the list of albums it will play sucessive tracks until I stop it.
Is this how it should work?
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Sep 11, 2014

Re: Continuous play of tracks on an album

Hi Bengdad, What you describe sounds like normal behavior:

  • When you select an individual track, only that track will play
  • When you select a larger portion of music to play while searching by Artist or Album, or playlist, all selected music will play in the prescribed order.

If you are having any other trouble or concerns about the Music Library function of your product, Let us know.

Thank you.