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Nov 22, 2018

Controlling multiple groups with Alexa skill.



After solving the problem with Alexa I would like to take my Bose Soundtouch system to the next level. My current setup is in the livingroom 2 ST 20 III and 1 Bose Wireless link adapter ( connected to the Bose Solo 5 soundbar ). Speakers are named Kitchen, Front and Soundbar. All speakers are in a Alexa group called group.


Right now I can ask Alexa to turn off the group and all speakers turn off. I can ask Alexa to turn on the group and all speakers start playing the content but not synchronised.


I open Bose soundtouch control by voice command and give the command to play preset 1 ( Bose ST control aks me play on kitchen front soundbar or all speakers ). What I would like to do is add another ST device to my multiroom system which I want to control by voice command. So I would like to have an option to play in my bathroom a ST 10 via it's preset button but I do not want that speaker to be part of the all speaker option Alexa offers.


So I would advice to adjust the Alexa app to synchronise the group playback straight up. If the Bose soundtouch app is capable to play the content synchronised then the Bose soundtouch skill ( in Alexa ) should also be capable to do this.


Get the picture ?





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Feb 26, 2019

Re: Controlling multiple groups with Alexa skill.

Hi Rob,


Thank you for taking the time to ask a question. I think I understand what you mean here, and that you're trying to use voice commands to control grouping of SoundTouch speakers on the Alexa app without using the All speakers/play everywhere options.

At the current time, this is not an option to setup a group through voice commands. If you have a group already setup on the Alexa app that contains the speakers, then you should be able to use the voice controls to ask Alexa to play your presets/stations on that group, and that would allow you to play to more than one speaker at a time, but not to every speaker depending on what you have in this group.


If anyone from the Community has had experience with using group play on Alexa, and knows an easier way to set this up, please do let us know!


Likewise, please return to me if you had intended something else by this, or if you have any questions/updates!

Liam W - Community Support