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Jul 27, 2018

Directv 4K

I can’t sync my remote Bose 300, with de new directv 4k box. I usted the 1988 code, and others like 5055 or 5056, and steal dosen’t work. Can you Help me.0255AD2B-02C1-4015-8365-0614ACDA3E00.jpeg63EF69B9-38DB-4B94-96CF-698E95DA4602.jpegAC70C368-ED1F-47AD-928C-1DFBA86C6E71.jpeg0D018DA4-BBA3-44D2-896C-B6BB7796329A.jpeg
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Mar 15, 2018

Re: Directv 4K

Hello Juanlaso


Thanks for posting in the community!  Sorry to hear about the remote issues, but would be glad to help!


To clarify, are you trying to use the DirecTV remote to control everything or the Bose remote?

If you are trying to use the Bose remote, with DirecTV boxes, you may need to go to the settings of the DirecTV satellite box and make sure the remote settings are set to infrared (IR) instead of radio frequency (RF)


Warm Regards,

Tony A  - Community Support