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Jun 22, 2018


I have been using Bose Soundtouch speakers for over six months, and currently I am just feeling quite disappointed and regret having bought into this ecosystem. I have a Soundtouch 20, 2 Soundtouch 10’s and a Soundtouch Wireless Link Adaptor. When the speakers work they sound great… when they work. Basically the system is just flaky. The speakers I use regularly generally work OK 90% of the time (wouldn’t it be great if is was 100%!) The two speakers I use less often almost always need to be restarted unless I want drop outs and connectivity issues. Often the app will see a speaker, but it will drop out as soon as I try to play music on it. Right now the app can’t see the speaker in my Study, even though my Google wifi tells me it has a 111 mbs signal. All the speakers were playing fine yesterday.

Overall this has been a very disheartening experience. It appears that this line of speakers was simply not ready for market, or that the software team they have supporting it are just not up to the task.

Please don’t send me a reply telling me to restart and reset my speakers, wifi, router etc. I have done those things multiple times and the issues always return. The problem is with Bose, the Soundtouch line of speakers, and your software team.

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Jun 23, 2018

Re: Disappointed

Agree 100%.  Thinking of returning my SoundTouch10 not because of its sound but the bug-ridden software and going for the HomePod (again).  The first HomePod was overpowering in the bass department, but there may be a way of reducing it, I didn't keep it long enough to find out.


Re: Disappointed

Hello cnelson1844,


Thank you for posting. I apologize about the frustration with your systems, but I would like to help you get this resolved.


Currently what is the make and model of your router and any access points you have? Does the system detection issue happen on all devices(i.e. mobile devices and computers)? What device do you mainly use with your SoundTouch app?


Let us know the results.


Warm Regards,

Joel - Community Support