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Jun 29, 2018

Does Nov. 20th "update" affect Play All function?

The Nov. 19th update seemed to actually help with the Play All function between my SoundTouch 10 and my Wave SoundTouch series IV.   For months before that, it seldom worked, and the two speakers wouldn't sync.

THEN comes the notice of the Nov. 20th update re: TuneIn.  I use the app on my iPhone to control things,  and I have not yet hit that "update all" option for two reasons:

1.  I feel that it'll screw things up AGAIN with the Play All function.

2.  I worry about the poor audio quality people have been mentioning since the update.

Can anyone tell me if the Nov. 20 update has negatively affected their Play All function between muliple speakers?

And is there anyway to bypass the Nov. 20 update?  Right now, I'm held hostage by that as I can't activate PlayAll on my speakers until I go through with the update.  


David Moore
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Oct 20, 2017

Re: Does Nov. 20th "update" affect Play All function?

I tested this on my Soundtouch 300 and Soundtouch 20 systems when I used the Update All option on the Soundtouch IOS app.

I am pleased to confirm that Play All was not affected by the 19th Nov update which means it works for me.

You will need to respecify login details for Spotify the first time you restart the Soundtouch app after the units update, but only once.

Playback from NAS is also working with the 19th Nov firmware.


Re: Does Nov. 20th "update" affect Play All function?

Hello Monarch74 and David Moore,


Thanks for the update!


We're glad to hear everything is working for both of you.


If you have any other questions, let us know.


Warm Regards,

Joel - Community Support