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Feb 18, 2018

Does not continue to the next song automatically by DLNA

Hello, the main problem is that any Android application I use to play my playlists by DLNA, does not work correctly. Only the selected song is played. But it does not happen to the next song. It seems to be a problem with my SoundTouch 10 wireless speaker system.

I have tried several Android applications, without result.

I contacted the developer of the BubbleUPnP application, for which he told me:


On 18/02/2018 00:47, Felipe Ojeda wrote:
I write:
I think the problem is with my Bose system. I have the same problems with local mp3 files. I also tried it with another DLNA app, and it only plays the current song. Anyway, thank you very much for your time.

Yes, the log showed that this renderer does not notify BubbleUPnP (or other apps) when it reaches end of playing track, hence no advance.


I found this post from last year very similar to my situation:



Unfortunately this app is the only one that I can play my Google Music playlist through DLNA. However, with this unforeseen there is not much use.

I hope you can fix it soon. Thank you.

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Dec 5, 2016

Re: Does not continue to the next song automatically by DLNA

Hi felocru,


Thank you for reporting this. Since DLNA is not fully supported by SoundTouch, we can't guarantee that all DLNA services will work completely as expected. However, I will certainly pass this feedback along to our development team.


Thank you,


Brian - Bose Support