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Jun 25, 2017

Does the AUX connection ever time out?

This is more of a technical question. If I plug an AUX cable into my phone to use the ST 10 to play my alarms, is there a possibility it would switch off of AUX automatically?

Like, if I were to go to bed at 8pm for some reason... would the AUX connection stay connected until the alarm goes off 9am? If it does time out, what is the time limit before it does so?

Marty K.
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Jan 9, 2016

Re: Does the AUX connection ever time out?

As I understand it, the AUX connection will timeout after 20 minutes of no sound and the device will shut off.  Being able to disable this timeout is an oft-requested feature on these forums but I do not know if Bose has said if they are planning to add such a feature.  However, Bluetooth is supposed to remain connected indefinetly, so if you connect your phone to the speaker via Bluetooth you should get the functionality you are describing with your alarms, etc.