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Aug 19, 2017

Error 6302 trying to add itunes music library

I have read all of the posts and uninstalled and reinstalled the speaker, app and music library several times and still have an error message. I am very frustrated, this is appalling from a product like Bose. I am using a new MacBook Air, iphone 7 and soundtouch 20.


















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Dec 5, 2016

Re: Error 6302 trying to add itunes music library

Hi Jobee,


I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue. I'd be happy to help. Thank you for letting us know about the troubleshooting you have already tried. 


Here are some additional steps to try/consider:


  • If iTunes 12.2 or newer is being used to manage the library, be sure it is configured to share its library:
    • Within iTunes; be sure the option "Share iTunes Library XML with other applications" is checked. If it is not, the iTunes library will not be available for SoundTouch. To find this option, go to iTunes>Preferences>Advanced.
  • When the files of the library are being indexed, the SoundTouch Music Server is unable to stream music. Indexing of the music library will occur whenever the SoundTouch Music Server service is started, such as when the computer is turned on or when the SoundTouch App has been opened when the service was stopped. This operation ensures that any changes to the library since last use are identified. Depending on the size of your music library, this may take a few minutes. 

  • If using a Mac that is running 10.10 (Yosemite) or higher, be sure iTunes is up to date as well. 

    • If the latest version of iTunes is not being used, we'd recommend upgrading to the current version as older versions of iTunes may not operate properly with a newer operating system. 

  • Rename or remove songs that have an "@" symbol in the title in iTunes/Windows Media Player and sync the music library

    • Songs with an "@" symbol in the title may cause issues with stored music playback

  • The iTunes library file may be corrupt or it contains an unknown error that the app is unable to resolve. Rebuilding the library file may resolve this issue, though the deletion of the existing file will also eliminate any user-created playlists. 

    • If there are no custom playlists, close iTunes, delete all .itl files in the iTunes folder. Then, reopen iTunes and scan for media so that a new .itl file is created. 

    • If there are any customer created playlists and the customer does not want to lose them, export the playlists before deleting all .itl files:

      • In the Sidebar, select the Playlist you want to export.
      • Right click (Secondary click for Mac) and select ‘Export’.
      • If applicable, rename the Playlist in the ‘Save As’ field, select the location of where you want the file saved.
      • Under ‘Format’ set the file type (M3U is recommended for compatibility).
      • Click Save.
      • Delete the .itl files and rescan for media (see the step above on this).  
      • Re-import your playlists:
        • Locate the Playlist in ‘Explorer’ (‘Finder’ for Mac).
        • Drag the file into iTunes.
  • Be sure that your audio files are in a compatible format. Files of an unsupported type will either need to be converted, re-ripped or re-obtained in a supported format:
    • MP3*

    • AAC (excluding protected files)*

    • M4A (including Apple lossless [ALAC])*

    • WMA (excluding WMA lossless)*

    • OGG (Spotify only)*

    • FLAC (16 bit/44.1 kHz — stereo files only)
      *No bit rate limitations with these formats. Sample rates limited to 96 kHz max


Let us know if any of these steps help!


Best regards,




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Nov 16, 2017

Re: Error 6302 trying to add itunes music library

I had this error "6302" when I first tried to set up the App with my itunes library. I found that I had not checked the sharing box in the advanced settings in itunes and my library name was wrong. Sorted this out as directed by the App and still had the error.


I closed the app and restarted my mac and then the bose soundtouch app and my library was there!


Working perfectly!


Thank you Bose, enjoying my music, the App and the sound!