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Sep 2, 2014

Feature Announcement: Apple AirPlay 2




Updated 6/25/18:


We are committed to bring Airplay 2 to our existing SoundTouch products and new products that are forthcoming.  We will share further details regarding timing and availability when possible.



Apple AirPlay 2 was announced at the World Wide Developer Conference keynote address earlier this month.  They also announced that Bose plans to add AirPlay 2 to its products. We are excited about participating in Apple's announcement because AirPlay 2 offers compelling and often requested benefits for our SoundTouch customers.  In particular, customers will be able to use Siri to control SoundTouch products, use SoundTouch within Apple’s HomeKit connected home ecosystem, and enjoy substantially improved access to Apple Music.  Using AirPlay 2, customers will be able to stream content directly from the Apple Music app and control their SoundTouch speakers.


We have prioritized AirPlay 2 for future inclusion into many of our SoundTouch systems via software update.  We are working on the technical evaluation of AirPlay 2 and cannot provide schedule details at this time, but we are aiming for later this year.  In addition, we do yet not have full information on how different SoundTouch product series will be able to interact with AirPlay 2 - please be patient with us as we evaluate and test.  As of now, it appears that most of Bose’s line of Wi-Fi systems will be able to utilize this update when it is ready. 


We look forward to updating this community when we can share more on product compatibility and functionality specifics later this year.


Thank you!