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Aug 4, 2015

Features List - What's the point?

I posted this at the bottom of the features list thread.  On second thought it deserves its own 'gripe' thread so it gets more discussion than it would by people who have given up looking at that list.  George, Shawn etc. We need a channel to product management on this matter.   I am happy to send an email directly to Bob Maresca if that would help at all.  We care about you guys and want to see you succeed and in turn our investment in you making us proud when we use the system or show it off to guests.  Right now unfortunately we cannot do either.

Silly question perhaps but what is the point of Bose updating the feature request dashboard at the top with new stats every month if none of the features actually get implemented?
I own a pretty significant Soundtouch installation in our house with quite a few devices yet every feature on this request list is either not addressed at all or no suitable ETA to when will it be addressed.  Add to that the s/w which to everyone's opinion on this forum is sub-par at best.  The roadmap for 2016 proposed is tiny and inappropriate for a current product line people spend thousands of dollars on your system and put devices carrying the Bose logo in their homes.
Bose - time to start taking the soundtouch line seriously. Everyone here loves you and has sacrificed a lot to stay loyal to you over the years.  That is why we frequently complain so you'd listen and act!  The easy way would have been to switch over - the hard and loyal way is to continue giving you a hard time until you do right by your clients.
It doesn't take much to implement features in s/w these days.  Your lack fo responsiveness, commitment dates and/or attentiveness to what your clients want makes this thread an unnecessary monthly reminder of all the things we need (not want or wish) that do not get addressed.
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Nov 30, 2015

Re: Features List - What's the point?

I completely agree with you and you may well need to send that email to help move things along. 
Shawn, George, it is recognised how much you help this community and I fully appreciate that these matters are out of your hands but as of now, the current experience of the Soundtouch platform is not synonymous with the reputation of Bose.
Im hopeful that Bose have a roadmap of updates for the Soundtouch platform of 1-3 months rather than years!