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Nov 17, 2017

Gathering info

I've had some post about the Costco unit compared to the bose acoustimass and reading up on them. I found last week you had a complete set with a white module and wanted it I added it to my cart. I had a large Costco cash card I received from buying a new car with a bose system in it like my old blazer had, this one sounds a bit better well it's many years newer. Anyway I found out I can get money from Costco for the card and went back to my cart today and it removed the item and the price is now $200 higher. Is there plans to add the $200 savings again? And is there a way to use my 161 or other wired speakers as rear speakers with this system?
So I don't need the rears and save $300
Also want to be clear does the white unit have the glass to also like the black module?

Weirdly other items with reduced prices still are?