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Mar 5, 2017

Google Integration

Dear Moderator,


Just saw a post at the Smart Speakers section mentioning availability of Google Assistant on Smart Home devices. Is this going to be available for Soundtouch devices as well? Recently, Airplay 2 was also launched for Smart Home. It seems all the focus is on the new product line, with minimal support for Soundtouch.


Re: Google Integration

Hi Gooner21,

We wanted to get back to you as we have some exciting news! 

We will be officially releasing Google Assistant to the Smart Home speakers Spring 2019.  I know users have been requesting this and we've been listening.  Thank you for your patience and your continued support!

Warm Regards,

Tony A




Re: Google Integration

Hi RahulMenon, 


Thanks for your post and thank you for your question. 


I don't currently have any information regarding this. I would recommend keeping an eye out on the community for updates. 



Hector B - Community Support 

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