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May 4, 2017

Hdr & 4K compatibility Cinemate 520

I cannot get a picture when setting up my PS4 pro.  I get sound but just a black screen.  Does it not support 4K.  My xbox one works fine.  Hard to believe Bose not supporting this tech.  

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May 16, 2016

Re: Hdr & 4K compatibility Cinemate 520

Hi marcgoble, 



While technically the systems are 4K compatible, they do only support HDCP 2.1 and not 2.2.  HDCP 2.1 cannot be firmware updated to HDCP 2.2.  Additionally, HDCP 2.2 was designed to not be backwards compatible with 2.1.


Many newer devices require that all connected HDMI products support HDCP 2.2 to pass 4K video.  This does create a problem for the SoundTouch system’s console and prevents its ability to pass video from these sources.  For this reason, we recommend that owners connect their 4K sources directly to the TV with HDMI and output the TV’s audio through a digital audio connection to allow the Bose system to reproduce the Dolby Digital or DTS formatted surround sound.


As you can imagine, there can be a period of time between when a product is developed and when it is finally available for sale.  Traditionally, we have designed products to work with the newest technologies when those technologies become an industry standard. In this case the system’s console became incompatible with HDCP 2.2 over the past year since the system became available for sale.


We apologize for this situation and encourage you to stay tuned for new product announcements that will always be available first on Bose.com


Thank you