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Nov 11, 2017


Time to come-clean. Lets see if they actually let this post! . Mid 80's as a teenager, nothing could be more satisfing as not only listening BOSE speakers but actually owing a pair! A long time BOSE fan, of all things I ended up a as a Custom Bose dealer. I was in heaven!

Fast forward to today, November 2017, as a personal user of NINE zones in my personal home. I could not be more disapointed and let-down with SoundTouch.

On average, It's a great sounding system and works well with average use. Here's what I'm getting at. When I turn on a couple of zones through out the day everthing works as expected.


NOT once in a while,

or, every so often,

or, here and there,

but EVERY TIME we entertain guests  and have most of the zones on, and turned up. Like clock-work, BOOM. the system goes haywire!...the app doesn't respond, zones turn off, zones turn on, volume goes down, I turn it back up....it goes back down...etc ........................which makes me look awesome (furious) plus my personal experience with the system that I spent a lot of hard earned money on only exacepbates my frustration!

I've had enough, It's so frustrating that this keeps happenng consistantly, I'm ready to cut my loses and go back to Sonos, who by the way has a MUTE button on the app for each zone! Which the BOSE engineers REFUSE to implement because "they' don't see a need for it. Let me tell the genisuis' something...When you're entertaining, and have 5-6 zones playing, and someone gets a phone call or something of importance, I don't want to shut down the whole party because you won't incorporate a mute button for individual zones!

Sad consumer and integrator. 😞 

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May 16, 2016

Re: Hijacked



I'm sorry that you've had so much trouble with this. Can you elaborate a little further on your setup? Which systems do you have? Curiously, what is the make and model of your router? Do you have any additional access points, extenders or switches? How many of the systems are connected wirelessly and how many are connected with Ethernet? When you get a phone call, and the zones cut out, are you streaming via Bluetooth or Airplay? Please let us know so we can assist. 


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