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Mar 2, 2017

Intermittent popping and cracking from LS650 subwoofer

ever since my soundtouch V16 update, my wireless acoustimass sub makes a popping/cracking sound intermittently. I have read a couple of other topics where mods have suggested wireless interference, but my router is in a different room, on a different floor of my house. This did not happen prior to the V16 update, so it seems like there a bug in the new software. 


I have tried hard wiring the sub which seems to fix the issue. however, when I turn off the system it still makes a loud popping sound. 


I should also add, the sub is only about 6 inches away from the media center. It is definitly not a range issue. 

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Dec 5, 2016

Re: Intermittent popping and cracking from LS650 subwoofer

Hi Jay,


Sorry to hear about the issues you're having with your AM300.  I can't recall seeing any other posts about an issue like this being related to the software update, though I'm looking into it now.  


Just to cover all of our bases, have you tried resetting the console and AM300?  You say the popping is intermittent(aside from turning off the system); Is it linked to any specific type of audio? 


Just to confirm, the pop when turning off the system started after updating to version 16.x, correct?