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Oct 7, 2017

Is it possible to connect Bose Soundtouch series -3 speaker with mobile hotspot tethering


I have bought bose soundtouch 20 series -3 , just 3 days ago. I do not have a modem/router based wifi internet at my home. So, i tried to connect it with my mobile internet, via hotspot, as i connect my 3 different laptops and a tab with mobile hotspot only.

So far, i am not able to successfully connect my speaker with my mobile internet via sound touch app. The problem begins, after putting system onto to set-up mode (wifi symbol in amber colour and is stable ), and soundtouch app asks me to select my speaker, and then press set-up. It does not go to next stage, so that i can type my hotspot password, and connect. Actually i never faced any sort of trouble at all while using mobile hotsopt to connect with spare mobile / or other family member's mobile. This is the first time, am i unsuccessful.

I have couple of questions, as when i switches on wifi on my mobile , it instantly detects soundtouch ssid, and shows it as a saved network. However, as soon as i switch on personal hotspot, it automatically shuts off wifi.

Well, a mobile can either use network/sim internet and share it with others via hotspot (wifi option is off at this time ) ; or, it can use wifi network and seaches for modem/router/device ( but then hotspot option goes off ).

So, the problem is, when i keep my mobile in wifi on position, it instantly detects, soundtouch 20 and connects with it automatically and saves it in saved network. However, in order to start utilizing data of mobile network, i have to switch on the hotspot option, which automatically switches off  mobile wifi.

If, this makes any sense, and if someone has successfully connected speaker using mobile wifi, then please help.

Interesting, if i do not use same mobile as wifi modem, i.e. if i first connect another spare mobile using hotspot and then use that spare mobile as a wifi modem to connect with bose soundtouch then it works !!

I have been successfully able to search through almost 100 radio internet fm stations and listen to music. However, this process involves using two mobiles: first one is my prime mobile with mobile internet data provider and hotspot is on and then a second spare mobile with no sim/network, but getting data from prime mobile (via hotspot) and then acting as a wifi modem for soundtouch system.

Kindly share your thoughts