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Jul 12, 2017

Itunes Library offline options

I have my iTunes library on a very old computer and I don't have it on my new one. B/c of space issues, I won't be transferring it (it lives on Google Play  but Bose refuses to support that). I'd like to be able to access this library but don't want to have to leave this computer on. Is there a way to either sync this library so I don't have to have the computer on or somehow put it on my external drive? I have an external drive on my Airport Router but haven't been able to access it via NAT for whatever reason. Is this possible? 

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Apr 3, 2016

Re: Itunes Library offline options

Hi rresidori,


Sorry to say so, but no.


Computer with the iTunes library needs to be on (music files are on his harddrive) and Soundtouch app must be installed.

Bose only supports Western Digital and Synology NAS systems (unfortunatelly not fully, serach for problems), everything else is just pure luck 😞 


Offline options for iTunes - NO one will give you this option (music on the offline drive), only Sonos supports Apple music and acces to your stuff in the CLOUD. OFF-Line ist technically not possible.