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Oct 31, 2016

Life style 520 -- compatible Soundtouch Adapter & FM?AM connectivity

I purchased Lifestyle 520 in Oct 2014 but donot find any continuity of this product, whereas all the items like console/Acoustic mass/speakers match with lifestyle 525 except that there seems no provision for FM/AM antenna. I need following clarification:
1. Is it anyway possible to connect FM/AM with this Lifestyle 520? If so how?
2. I want to purchase Soundtouch Adapter suitable for Lifestyle 520. Is the Model 716266-0110 OK for this  or there is any other specific Model number ?
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Dec 5, 2016

Re: Life style 520 -- compatible Soundtouch Adapter & FM?AM connectivity

Hello Sachit,
Thank you for contacting us, we can definitely help clarify your questions about your system. It does sound like Bose could best assist you with a call into our technical support. Since you mentioned there may not be continuity between your components we would check the serial numbers to make sure they match correctly and assist you further.
The Lifestyle 525 you mentioned would have different capabilities than the Cinemate or SoundTouch 520 systems you were also referencing. The good news is with any of our SoundTouch capable systems you’d be able to use the internet radio function to access AM/FM stations as well. Feel free to contact our technical support team for further assistance.
Thank you, have a great day!
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