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Dec 11, 2016

Lifestyle 525 Series III Tv Input Button not working

I own a Sharp LC60EQ10U T.V. and the the Bose LifeStyle 525 Series III. So far I love it with one exception. The TV Input on the remote does not bring up the input list on my TV. It doesn't appear to do anything. I ran through both the automatic remote setup (press the volume down button, press the up arrow button, etc.) as well as trying the manual setup by choosing the codes. The only problem with that approach is the list of codes for Sharp is long, and the first 4 I tried all powered the TV off/on, but the Input button still did not work. I was spoiled when I had a Logitech Harmony One and had the ability to manually map buttons between remotes, but I don't believe that this Bose remote has the functionality. Does anybody know of a way to get the TV Input button working, maybe with the correct code to use, or some other way? Thank you all for your time.