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Jan 6, 2017

Lifestyle 600 Not controlling TV

Bose can you help me please?!

Ever since the 17th October software update, My Lifestyle 600 has stopped controlling the TV.

I bought my system nearly a year ago, and its been working fine, but ever since this software update, the Lifestyle 600 no longer turns the TV on or off, and its stopped the TV recognising that its connected to an audio system so the internal TV speakers keep coming on, so I get sound through the TV and the Bose at the same time.

Can you release another software update to fix this please? I love that you are bringing in new features to the software, but it’s a really poor customer experience when the software updates break the basic functionality of the system!!
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Oct 30, 2017

Re: Lifestyle 600 Not controlling TV

I can't fix your problem - but after my 17th Oct update i now have a permament red system light on and am unable to use the setup command as my tv goes blank. It took so long to load that i went out and left it running.  Manual simply says -  firmware error contact Bose.    Strangely enough I can still use the system though

The term 'dont try and fix something that isnt broken' springs to mind