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Mar 29, 2017

Locked phone volume control, iTunes artwork, App finishing touches

I tried to review the forum for posts on users with issues with their Itunes Artwork not working on the app.  I saw 1 solution but didn't help, and disagree that item should be labeled as "solved".  There were a few reply's that went unanswered as well.  In general I'd like to know if this is being pursued as a topic.


A few requests / ideas:

One feature I love on my "remote" app for Itunes is the ability to control the volume when my phone was locked, by using the side buttons on my phone.  I'm wondering if there is any chance that could be added for controlling Soundtouch if the app is open?  Saves opening the app to control the volume. 


For the app on Mac, it would be nice if the swiping features with the touch pad were able to be used for navigating the app.  Two fingers right, to go back a page, etc..  Could be the same for the phone app, swiping right to go back in some menus.


Also for searching my music library, it would be nice if it remembered what type of seach you last perfomred instead of always going to track search.  I typically search by artist, and it's just an extra click that gets annoying every search.


For Internet radio selection, can you add a way to add favorites?  It would help solve some of the issue of a limited presets.  


Thanks, and I look forward to continued improvements.