Loss of internet Soundtouch 20 and 10

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Loss of internet Soundtouch 20 and 10

Good day.  My problem is that my Soundtouch 20 and 10 will randomly stop playing music after about a 1/2hr or so.  It doesn't happen all the time but it does happen frequent enough to make me regret going with bose over Sono's.  My soundtouch 20 is in my kitchen about 11 ft from my Netgear Nighthawk X6 R8000 in Ap mode and my Soundtouch 10 is litterally about 4" from my Comcast router.  My internet is comcast 1gig service.  I even created 2 seperate accounts for the speakers so that they would not compete for the same WIFI channel (The nighthawk and the Comcast router are 2 different WIFI setups with the Nighthawk recieving its IP address from the comcast router)  The 10 ussually has to be reset up because it looses the WIFI signal all together while the 20 only has to have the preset rehit to get it going again.  We mainly listen to Country 106.3 out of NJ and XM if that info helps. 

I had planned on getting the Sound bar and sub woofer for the living room and the out side preamp with bose outdoor speakers as well but if this keeps on continuing I will probably sell and go with SONO's instead.


Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you


Re: Loss of internet Soundtouch 20 and 10

Hi 2pfspiff,


Thanks for the post, and welcome to the community!


Are you able to test any other sources, like Pandora, Spotify, or others?


Is this station on TuneIn or the Internet Radio source?  Can we look for it on both?


Let us know so we can get this resolved for you.



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Re: Loss of internet Soundtouch 20 and 10

Sorry for the delay with the reply.  After the last 2 updates everything appears to be working properly now.  Thanks for the reply.  You could answer my question as to the time line for the Airplay2 implantation though?