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Sep 7, 2016

Mac SoundTouch software installer questions.

SoundTouch Software installer. Why did it install 4 apps? And what are they really for? Clicking on SoundTouchMusicServer app did nothing. SoundTouch and SoundTouchL apps appear to do the same thing, Launch the SoundTouch App. Why 2 of them? And then there's the SystemLogTool. Is ll this necessary?

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Sep 11, 2014

Re: Mac SoundTouch software installer questions.

Hi NoiD,
Besides the main SoundTouch app it is normal to see several alternate versions and tools beside it in the SoundTouch folder. We'll try to cover briefly what these do.

  • The SoundTouchMusic Server is a separate media service that runs in the background to manage your computer's iTunes library and serve music files on the network to your SoundTouch speaker when you use the "Music library" feature in the app. Clicking this will have no visible effect as the process launches and runs invisibly as part of the main app.
  • The SoundTouchC icon Launches the SoundTouch app in compatibility mode. This is used on computers which have specific display driver conflicts or other errors which might cause the full app to crash or load incorrectly.
  • The SoundTouchL icon will start the program in logging mode. Log files will be written to a folder on your desktop titled "HomerLogs" when the app closes.
  • The SystemLogTool is a program used by our Technical Support group to help gather log files from both your app and the SoundTouch hardware on the network. SoundTouchL generally is runs as a subset of this program.

Hope this gives you a good over view of these components. Each has a specific purpose and needs to be present as part of the main install. 
Thank you for your question.