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Nov 5, 2016

Missing features on this site

Hello Bose,
I like the idea of this site and community, but why can't I see all my posts as a list?? This is a standard feature. Or am I missing something?
It also should be possible to click on other users names to see all their posts!
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Nov 12, 2015

Re: Missing features on this site

Agreed: Navigating this forum is not a pleasure. The categories seem to be all over the place. When I want exit a post to go back to the main string I have to refresh the whole page not landing where I left off.
Also Jason, as moderator, has moved a number of posts to a location for feature requests, citing greater visibility. The problem is that the category button "experiences and feature requests" is not the location Jason is linking to. I have asked a couple times about this and recieved no response from the Bose moderators.  Perphaps the user experiences and feature requests categories should be separated and clicking on feature requests takes you to Jason's cited location. 
Jason: How about an answer?