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Feb 28, 2016

Move to Tunein hasn't worked out!!

So - today I finally discovered that the reason my Soundtouch hasn't been working is because you've moved to TuneIn.  No email had been sent to me about this, so I had to discover by trial and error.


I thought I had triumphed when I finally got the app to stop crashing and managed to see available radio stations.


But DISASTER for me at least.  All of my favourite Australian ABC radio stations (ABC Radio National etc etc etc) are no longer available.


And then I saw there were 64 pages of complaints about the change.  How very disappointing.  Particularly since this is by far the most expensive Internet Radio I have ever bought.


Please urgently do something about this for your users.

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Jul 11, 2017

Re: Move to Tunein hasn't worked out!!

Actually they are there, they just haven't made it easy to search for.

Go to TuneIn and scoll to the bottom.

And the By Location -> Australasia  -> Australia

Scroll down second from bottom you'll find ABC

Then select All under stations.