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Aug 17, 2016

Multi-Soundtouch 10 weak wifi signal

I have three soundtouch 10 speakers and have had the system set up for approximately a week. Just yesterday I started having connection problems while listening to Internet radio. This happened on the speaker closest to the router, I have read several posts on possible problems so have reset the system, enabled the 2.4ghz ban on the router and moved speakers around. But I have yet to see a connection better than good, but most times all speakers show either poor to fair.
If only one speaker is playing the RSSI will reach a good signal but nothing more. One speaker is 6' away from router with clear line of sight the second one is 15' away with clear line if sight, and the third speaker is on the second floor, separated by two wall, and this speaker has never lost connectivity, but has never registered better than a fair RSSI.  I contacted my ISP provider to see if it is my internet connection, and it appears to be strong, we changed the 5ghz channel, and set the 2.4ghz channel to channel 1.  Today the system was a little moore stable and only lost connection once, which was the speaker closest to the router again. I reset that speaker and connected it to the 2.4ghz network. Still the best signal I get is showing good, unless I do play everywhere then they all drop to either poor or fair. Any suggestions? I am on the Telus network in Canada.
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Jul 14, 2015

Re: Multi-Soundtouch 10 weak wifi signal

I am sorry to hear you are having troble with the signal strength with your speakers. Be sure the system is within range of the wireless router. Try moving the system within its current location to determine if it is in an area of poor reception. The signal from the router will be affected by the objects between it and the SoundTouch system. The amount of interference caused by these objects can create narrow or very localized areas of poor Wi-Fi reception. Moving the system to the left or right, rotating it to one side or the other, or moving the system a few feet to a new location can greatly improve reception
Determine what other programs are running and close any dealing with network syncing, streaming or protection. If there are multiple programs running, try closing all media playing programs and any program or service that may be syncing data in the cloud. This will reduce the amount of resources in use by the device and possibly resolve any conflicts among applications.
Check for sources of wireless interference that may be affecting the system. Try relocating your system at least a few feet away from electronic or electrical devices such as wireless internet routers, cordless phones, televisions, microwave ovens, Apple AirPort Express or similar appliances
Reboot your router. You may want to determine what services are using the router first, as to not disrupt anything important
Consider connecting your closest system using Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi (if supported by your system). While connecting your system via Wi-Fi is the preferred setup method, some setup configurations may connect more easily via Ethernet. Also when grouping speakers connect to the speaker closest to the router first then gruop the remaining speakers. The fisrt speaker you connect to will be the primary speaker to communicate with the other speakers.
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