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Jan 14, 2018

My Bose Lifestyle 525 turns itself on automatically!

Hey guys:

 I have a Bose Lifestyle 525 with the Soundtouch connected. Everytime there is a powercut and the power gets restored, the system turns on ~20 seconds after. This has being causing a nusiance off late - after a power cut at 2AM yesterday, it started blasting Mozart all over our house! I read a few other solutions which suggested HDMI CEC, so I disconnected all inputs and outputs and restarted the power to see if it still happens. Alas, it did turn itself on again. All bluetooth devices were OFF, and there were no inputs to the bose, except for probably the Soundtouch app. I am pretty sure nobody at home switched the system on that late at night. Please help!



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May 16, 2016

Re: My Bose Lifestyle 525 turns itself on automatically!

Hi abahanandipa, 


I'm sorry to hear that. Does the system ever power itself on when the power isn't cut? Can you try to remove the batteries from the remote control and see if it stops the issue from occurring? It sounds like the system may be turning on to a SoundTouch source. Can you try to disconnect the SoundTouch adapter and see if the system still powers on. Do you have the SoundTouch app installed on multiple devices?  Please let us know. 


Kind Regards

Brent - Bose Support