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Feb 25, 2019

Need help deciding which Soundar + Bass module to purchase



Planning to purchase a Bose Soundbar with Bass module. Just need some help on what I factor should I take in when purchasing either the 500 or 700 or even the 300 with one of the other bass module (if that is even possible). I live in a small basement apartment and would like to purchase my other lovely Bose product. Now from the looks of the individual soundbar's from lowest price to highest it goes from 500 - 300 - 700. Like what is the major difference out of each of them other than size. 

Or should I just go big and go home with the 700 Series.

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Oct 18, 2017

Re: Need help deciding which Soundar + Bass module to purchase

The Bose Soundtouch 300 uses the Soundtouch app and can connect to other Soundtouch devices.  The 500 and 700 use a totally diffferent app that is not compatible with those other devices.  I have the 300 with sub and surround speakers and love it.  Some people have problems with Soundtouch.  You should probably do lots of research here.

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Dec 22, 2016

Re: Need help deciding which Soundar + Bass module to purchase

You should really consider Sonos...A company that appears to listen to what their customers want and stays on the edge of technology.

I had the most frustrating experience trying to outfit my entire home with Soundtouch products only to have bose lose interest in their Soundtouch line and launch a completely different incompatible line of new Smart speakers...and don’t even get this forum started on bose’s inability to connect with Apple Music or iTunes except for Bluetooth...excuse me, 2005 is calling and they want their bluetooth connectivity back.

The last of my good old bose products (a glorious 20+ year old 321 system) finally went to audio heaven and I was going to plunk down more foolish $ on ST just to complete my main home with one system until I went looking for the ST 300 soundbar and sub in the white color to match my bedroom furniture and cabinet it would be sitting on....guess what....they knew I was coming at them with more discretionary income and they quickly pulled and eliminated the white ST soundbar 300!...but still sell the white sub and accessories?...go figure.

So, I did what any half wit would do and went and purchased a Sonos play bar and sub for the bedroom and I have to tell you....setting up the Sonos, connecting to the tv, downloading and launching the app, listening to Apple Music, was a dream and was everything bose used to be and could have been before they decided that they were going to dominate the exclusive NFL coach Headphone and audio sunglasses market....bravo Bose marketing geniuses!

Also, check out this scenario, it speaks volumes of the Bose engineering team....I purchased a ST 130 (home theatre) system about two years ago and it was promptly discontinued thereafter. The 130 head unit has an Aux Hdmi input....Eureka!...plug my Apple TV into that sucker and boom, my Apple Music catalog broadcast all over the ST eco system! Wrong!....Bose figured out a way to prevent rebroadcasting from aux inputs on the 130 to make darn sure you can’t easily enjoy your Apple Music and have not released an update to unlock that feature....incompatible hardware, blah, blah, blah....amateurs.


Lastly, I consider myself an audiophile when it comes to sound clarity and quality and the Sonos playbar + sub is every bit on the level with the Bose ST but possibly even better when the ST aggravation is elimated from the room....oh, and did I mention that I can connect directly to my Apple Music library in the Sonos app....ahh, 2019 technology from a company that stays on top of it.

Good luck to you but I hope you do research on this forum to see just how many people have been suckered (like me) into blindly following their allegiance to a brand that clearly has lost touch with what made them an innovator. Sonos should pay Bose a marketing fee because they are driving so many people to their doorstep!



Re: Need help deciding which Soundar + Bass module to purchase

Hi G60099389,


Thank you for reaching out with your enquiry!


@Xyz987 is absolutely correct for the main differences between the systems. Bear in mind that the 500 and 700 have Alexa built in as an additional feature. 


The best advice I can give is to go to a local Bose store or reseller and have a listen. Audio quality is mostly based on preference so you'll get a feel for the system. Also, remember that if you purchase from Bose directly, you'll benefit from a 30 day money back guarantee.


I hope this helps, Have a great day! 


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