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Dec 22, 2016

New (Bose) Low

Well, just when I thought I couldn't regret my Bose investment anymore, a whole new low.
So we had a gathering at my house last weekend with about 60 family and friends.
I had the stinking Soundtouch 130 fired up and playing an Apple iTunes playlist via the most amateur (but only) way possible...Bluetooth from my iPad....and then it happened....the crowd wanted to watch the NCAA tournament on tv while continuing to listen to music. Imagine my horror when I had to tell them "sorry, my Bose Soundtouch products are not capable of doing that" and then I started fumbling to disconnect my tv from the ST and run a patch Hdmi cable from my appleTV 4 to my tv as to not loose music connection with the Soundtouch since you can only operate one feature at a time...you know, like back in the 1970's.
Whew...the patch cable worked and was super attractive running across my family room until a crowd gathered around to watch the game and the interference from their devices kept disrupting the Bluetooth connection between my my iPad and the junk box 130....buzzkill.
So, after the spotty Bluetooth connection gave everyone a migraine. We switched the Hdmi patch cables back and the crowd wanted to listen to the 2nd Half of the game outside on the deck as it was an oddly warm day...."sorry everyone, my Bose system does not allow rebroadcasting of tv or auxiliary input sound"
Here's a sampling of the feedback I received....
"dude, my Sonos doesn't do that"
"why did you buy that Bose s**t, they are so technologically behind everyone else"
"can you get your money back?"
" Bose used to be awesome, but this is horrible"

So, if anyone is perusing these boards and doing research on wireless wifi home integration systems, please heed this warning and the hundreds of others posting on here and stay away from Bose Soundtouch products. They are literally so frustrating and incapable it will drive you mad. Not just the basic products, but the lack of support and current trending features and services is surely going to bankrupt the brand in the near future....I really wish I had done so.