With the 16.x SoundTouch ecosystem release, we are also introducing a Wired Input Broadcast as a Beta feature. As with most Beta software, there may be some limitations or performance issues. (Moderator note: The feature is no longer in beta in current SoundTouch software versions.)


Feature Overview


  • Customers will now be able to broadcast audio from a physically connected source (HDMI, Optical, Analog AUX) to 1 or 2 additional speakers depending on the user's network capabilities
  • Products using a Boselink connected SoundTouch adapter or pedestal cannot support local source/Aux rebroadcast due to hardware limitations
    • Non-compatible products
      • Lifestyle & CineMate systems using a SoundTouch Wireless adapter Series I and II
      • Wave SoundTouch & Wave SoundTouch IV
      • SoundTouch Stereo JC I/II
      • SoundTouch SA-4
  • The SoundTouch app will generate a pop-up message that introduces the Beta feature when selecting the Aux source or adding an additional speaker to a Lifestyle 600/650 or SoundTouch 300 that is already playing a non-SoundTouch source for the first time.


  • Video Sync setting for the main speaker
    • Video Sync will appear as an option for the system that is broadcasting the audio from its connected auxiliary device. To gain access to the setting, customers will select “Group Settings” in the Speaker Details screen of the main speaker
      • When set to “On” – The main speaker will produce audio 3 seconds sooner than any speakers added to it’s group or in Play All
        • This is most beneficial when the main speaker is an audio for video product, such as a SoundTouch 300. Therefore, it will keep the SoundTouch 300 in sync with the video on the connected television
        • All other speakers in the group or Play All will have a 3-second delay from the main speaker
      • When set to “Off” – The main speaker will produce audio in sync with any speaker(s) added to its group or in Play All
        • If the main speaker is connected to a video display, the audio will not be in sync with any video content being displayed


  • SoundTouch 10s in Stereo Pair
    • Stereo paired SoundTouch 10 systems can be used as the main or as an additional speaker in a group or Play All
    • If chosen as the main, a pop-up window will appear to verify if the customer wants to use the AUX connection for the left or right speaker





Performance is going to be based on a number of variables:


  • Network stability
    • Networks that struggle at high bandwidth content may not support this feature well
    • 2.4 GHz may not provide as good a performance due to speed of data transfer
    • 5 GHz will likely be the optimal connection for this feature while still in Beta for SoundTouch systems that support it
    • Ethernet connections are a good option to get around these issues


  • Main speaker in the group
    • Original (Non-Bluetooth) SoundTouch systems may not rebroadcast AUX content at a rate that will be well sustained and may be less reliable
    • Newer SoundTouch systems (with Bluetooth) should work better and would be preferred as the master of the group whenever possible


  • Additional speakers in the group 
    • Original systems (without Bluetooth) may impact the ability to add a 3rd or 4th speaker as it will only connect to 2.4GHz band and may slow down the communications within the group
    • Bluetooth compatible systems on 2.4 GHz should work but could impact the ability to add anything more than 2 additional speakers
    • Bluetooth compatible systems on 5 GHz would be preferred for best overall performance. Note that wireless range can be decreased on 5 GHz networks
  • SoundTouch 10s in Stereo Pair
    • Connection to 2.4 GHz band and excessive distance between the two speakers may affect the performance of the stereo pair regardless of being the master or an additional speaker in a group


Known Issues


  • When a SoundTouch 300 is the main speaker and a Lifestyle 600/650 is added to it’s group/play all, and the user switches the SoundTouch 300 to an HDMI source, the Lifestyle 600/650 onscreen display will show “Welcome to SoundTouch. Use the SoundTouch app on your phone, tablet or computer to select a preset, playlist or song instead of the audio from the SoundTouch 300 HDMI source"
  • If a SoundTouch 300 is playing audio from an HDMI source and is added to a group where a Lifestyle 600/650 is the main speaker, it will not start playing the audio from the Lifestyle’s connected source
    • If a user toggles their Lifestyle system from the connected source to the SoundTouch source and back, audio should begin to play in the SoundTouch 300
  • When a product using a Bluetooth compatible SoundTouch adapter or pedestal (e.g. Lifestyle SoundTouch 535 or Wave SoundTouch IV) is added to a group where the main speaker has Video Sync in the on state, a delay may be heard on the device using the Bluetooth compatible SoundTouch adapter