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Oct 17, 2015

New Firmware

Bose, you guys have dropped the ball. Whomever sits in your R&D team should be held accountable for a continual landslide of buggy and inpoerable firmware & app updates.


Im still battling with the ST adaptor fault you have introduced into my ST 535iii, now the latest app volume slider decides it doesnt want to respond anymore.


Example. Start playing Spotify > add another speaker to the current speaker playing> the master and the zone sliders do nothing.


Ive lost total faith in Bose, i wont be buying anymore, nor will i recomend to myfriends. Adding to this, if these issues continnue to linger with my products i will be considering some legal action based on Australian Consumer Law.


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Sep 24, 2017

Re: New Firmware

Agreed. Terrible update from Bose and they have the audacity to put this on the Forum home page:


The SoundTouch 16.0.x ecosystem Stage 2 release is on hold. After the Stage 1 release, we received a handful of customer reports citing an issue when attempting to Play All/Group speakers after updating to 16.0.x where audio will play from the master speaker but not from any of the additionally grouped speakers.

Engineering is actively investigating the root cause and is working towards a resolution. We suspect for these customers with multiple speakers, not all of their speakers updated to the latest software. An update will be provided here as soon as possible.


Let me tell you Bose that both my SoundTouch 10 speakers are on the same software version - the terrible 16.x that was forced upon us last weekend. Grouping speakers no longer works and they are trying to shift blame onto consumers.


If this isn't fixed by next weekend these door stop speakers are going on eBay and I'll be buying either a Sonos system or wait for the Apple HomePod.


Shockingly bad.