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Dec 14, 2015

No audio with Bluetooth on iPhone and Mac laptop

I cannot get any sound when I have a Bluetooth connection on my Mac laptop and also on my iPhone. Bluetooth reads connected Bose system. The Soundtouch 10 Bluetooth light indicates paired. No sound at all! I have been able to play from the Soundtouch app. Although I hate leaving the computer on and open. Can't shut it or it goes off. Not a pleasant environmental name to. I have set computer to not go through sleep. What am not doing wrong? I have turned b
uetooth off and turned it back on, paired it again. I've synced my music library more than once. ITunes shows music is playing but I'm getting no audio. Help! So disgusted! The directions on the manual and on the app leave a lot today be desired!
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Sep 11, 2014

Re: No audio with Bluetooth on iPhone and Mac laptop

Hi Jax.

The SoundTouch 10 system can pair to up to 8 devices but can only be connected and playing audio from one at a time. If you want to play from bluetooth audio from your computer:

  1.  first make sure that your phone is disconnected (such as by temporarily turning off Bluetooth on that fphone). 
  2. Connect to the computer. A tone should be heard through the speaker and a solid white bluetooth light should indicate connection.
  3. Under system preferences on the laptop, choose "Sound" and "output" then make sure that your Bose system is selected on that list.

Once established through these steps, any audio played on the computer (through itunes, YouTube, etc. should play on the speaker. 
If you are unable to complete this process, let us know more about where you run into trouble and what symptoms or errors you see.

Thank you