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May 5, 2017

Only now a SoundTouch® Wireless Link adapter!!

I have just recieved an email from Bose announcing the launch of the new SoundTouch® Wireless Link adapter. This is great, its what I was looking for 2 years ago when my old Roku Soundbridge units gave up on me.

Over the last couple of years I have purchased 4 Bose SoundTouch® units, and sold off 2 perfectly good Hi-Fi systems in the process. If the Wireless Link Adaptor had been around from the beginning, I would not have parted with some perfactly adequate gear.

I love the Bose units, for their versitility and ease with Internet Radio, my Music Library and Spotify, they now full the house with all my music choice. The SoundTouch® Wireless Link adapter, I am sure will be another winner, however for me; its 2 years too late.