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Jun 5, 2017

Re: 'Play All' Issues yet again

Maybe they are on company's BBQ-Party 😉

Today I did what scooby4211 described above, now play all works. Just listening to my favourite Station: "Radio Paradise". Greetings from austria and good night.
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May 27, 2018

Re: 'Play All' Issues yet again

I did a reset and forced update +one week ago on my two ST10 and an ST30. Works most of the time since, but still needs to reboot my speakers by disconnecting the power more or less every day. I lose the sound for a few seconds (not so often but it happens) when I play in group and I still have problems with mute speakers even though they indicate they are playing, ie ST30 shows the artist and the song on the display.


I use my speakers more or less everyday and these issues have become very frustrating. I have been in contact with the store and try to create an RMA for these speakers. If it goes through, I will buy Sonos counterpart instead.


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Apr 10, 2018

Re: 'Play All' Issues yet again

Very frustrating indeed!:(

I reached out to (at)Bose and (at)Boseservice via Twitter yesterday and asked for help in our matter.
Here is the answer I just from Boseservice moments ago:

“Hello Martin, we'd be happy to continue our discussion with you on our Community forum. Thanks!”...
What to say....?:(

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Apr 9, 2018

Re: 'Play All' Issues yet again

if i reset all my speakers then yeah "play all" works for a day or so but then stops working again. Not good enough for the money these things cost

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Jun 2, 2018

Re: 'Play All' Issues yet again

Sorry to hear that I was not the only one...It’s a pity that a company I used to rely upon treat the (once) costumers like this. Almost can see the smile on the face of competitors.
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Dec 5, 2016

Re: 'Play All' Issues yet again

Hi all,


Thank you for the concern regarding the Play All issue.  I can assure you that the engineering team is reading this thread, and fixing the issue remains a top priority for them.  Once any information is available to us, we will let everybody on here know.


@MartinC:  We received your twitter DMs, and there was no further information that could be shared.  I am in constant contact with the Twitter admin, and they made me aware of your messages as soon as they came in.


@Mattyboy:  Were you able to recreate the issue and collect log files?  The software team is asking for any and all users that have tried troubleshooting to collect log files so we can fully identify and fix the issue.  This goes for all users; if you can collect log files by following THESE steps, let me know.


I'm going to create a master stickied thread, and close all other play all threads to consolidate information.  Stand by.


Best Regards,





Hi again everyone,


HERE is the Play All thread, with information on troubleshooting and updating your systems, along with collecting log files.  I am going to lock this thread to point traffic towards the stickied thread.