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Dec 6, 2018

Please rollback your latest update to vtuner

Hi Bose development team, please rollback your soundtouch application to vtuner. Since the latest crappy-tunein update I've lost one of my favorite stations called "Horizonte Jazz (Mexico)". Now I have to use an old FM tuner to listen to it...... That wasn't the idea with this premium speaker, right?


It was really simple with vtuner, even when new stations arise or when any IP stream changed, it was only matter of sending them a support request and the solution comes within 24 hours, always with a nice reply from Mr. Michael M. Bolton from Vtuner Support Dept. (Yes, Michael M. Bolton).


Other two annoying features are:


1. Since the latest update I noted that once I connect my Bose Soundtouch 30 to a wall outlet and after awaiting the 1 or 2 minute boot cycle, I'm unable to listen to my preset stations because they're unavailable..., the screen asks me to operate directly from the app at my iphone, once I launch the app I get an error. So I have to wait another 1 or 2 minutes when the presets are magically back.


2. The app can't find the speaker, most of the times, I would say 80% of the times.



Angel Salazar.


Re: Please rollback your latest update to vtuner

Hi Angel,


Thank you for the post, and I'm sorry to hear about the issues you're having.


We can submit station requests for you.  I've entered in your request for Horizonte Jazz.  For future reference, you can request stations or station issues HERE.


Have you done any troubleshooting for the system detection issue you're experiencing?  Are you able to unplug power to your wireless router for a minute, then reconnect?  And just to confirm, this issue started happening with the latest update?


Please let me know so we can get this resolved!


Best Regards,

Brandon - Community Support