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Nov 5, 2018

Please support this request.

We want to be able to increase the treble level on the Soundtouch 300 through the app!

When I bought this soundbar, they promised in the advertising that it was ready to listen to music, and the truth is that it is ready, but it lacks the ability to manage the treble of the app. If it is done through bluetooht with an external app, it can be equalized and greatly improves the result. But if we want to listen to music streaming, the sound is flat and dark.

The new soundbar 700 makes this possible through the Bose Music app, and I imagine you must listen very well.

I have asked for it repeatedly, but it seems to me that those of us who bought this equipment two years ago do not take much into account.

I ask that, even if it is not your soundbar, you support us.

Thank you.