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Aug 18, 2017

Power usage Bose SA-5

I have a home setup with 11 Bose Sa5 devices (one for every room) the setup is working flawless ( Ethernet connected). However I can't find the actual power usage of a Bose SA5 amplifier. Even in the Bose manual they list 400w but that is Maximum output I guess, what is the power consumtion when in standby? And can the units be placed in standby? As I have 11 units i measure a power consumption of roughly 1200watt per hour! which is a lot for units that are turned off. Please advise in this matter.

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Dec 5, 2016

Re: Power usage Bose SA-5

Hi Cool0,


Thanks for the question!


Each SA-5 amplifier is going to draw a maximum of 2.3 watts under standby.  To learn more about the standby power consumption of our systems, check out THIS document.


How are you measuring the standby power usage of the systems? Devices like the Kill-a-Watt will incorrectly report standby and low level power draws.



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