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Mar 24, 2018

Product Improvement Suggestions

1) The iPhone SoundTouch app is cranky, and often reports there is no WiFi when there is WiFi. All of the other devices on my network, and my desktop don't have this problem. it seems to be the iPhone app that is so very cranky.


2) List the SoundTouch devices in some order within the SoundTouch apps. There is no discernable ordering. Perhaps list them alphabetically. I have MANY SoundTouch devices and it is a pain to find them.


3) Allow Speaker Groups for a device to be persistent. When i start playing a SoundTouch device then automatically start the same speakers used the last time (if broadcasting is allowed.) Then, in the morning when I turn the music on I don't have to select speakers over and over each morning. Just use the ones used last time (if available.)


4) Add an "AUX" or "TV" button to the SoundTouch app for the Soundbar 300 and Lifestyle 650. Right now, there is no way to easily switch to TV from the SoundTouch app. I often watch TV with closed captioning while streaming music. but sometimes I want to switch to listening to TV and I cannot find the special Bose remote. (The only reason I have or use the remote is for this one single button. What a pain!) This "AUX" buttonw ould be analogous to the AUX button on the SoundTouch adapter device.


5) Allow more than (a measely) 6 presets. Perhaps allow 6 banks of 6 presets.


6) In Pandora, I like to list stations alphabetically, but Bose always defaults to them in non-alphabetic form. Just leave Pandora in whatever sorting mode was last used.


7) Allow me to enter any URL to stream from. (Perhaps it has this, but I don't see it.) Sometimes I like to listen to obscure stations.


😎 In the SoundTouch app, allow me to set a sleep timer so I can listen to audio for, say, 30 minutes.


9) Allow me to schedule on/off times so that the music would start up each day and play throughout the day.


10) Allow me to adjust the bass level for the SoundTouch Soundbar 300 and subwoofer through the SoundTouch app, not just the remote control.


I think the features above would significantly help the product. SoundTouch is a great product, but it lacks a bit of polish.


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Dec 5, 2016

Re: Product Improvement Suggestions

Hi David,


Thanks for the post, and thank you very much for the recommendations!  I've sent these up to the software team for their consideration.


If you have any more suggestions or questions, please let us know.



Brandon - Community Support