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Aug 18, 2016

QC25 right side doesn't work

Hi fellas.

Right side of QC 25 just stopped working. Does someone had such problem and could someone give me a pointer how to act in such case.

Writing here as I'm on board of ship now and do not have telephone. Only internet and email.
 I've bought them at Nov 2014 and my warranty is already expired. But I found the rumors, that part of QC 25 made before middle of 2015. Very upset with Bose... Didn't expect such a short lifetime from them.

Please help !

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Jul 14, 2015

Re: QC25 right side doesn't work

Hi SergioUA,
I am sorry to hear your QC25 headphones are not working on the right side and would like to help with your question. We can certainly help you with the headphones, if calling is not an option please contact our technical support group by email at ( Please provide the serial number off your QC25 headphones in the message. The serial number for your headphones is located inside the right earcup along the backside or inner wall. You don’t need to remove the earcup cushion or the scrim to see the serial number.
Best regards