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Dec 16, 2014

QC25s and Windy Weather

I have just purchased a pair of QC25s, after previously owning noise-cancelling headphones for the past 11 years (QC2s from 2003-2009 and Creative Aurvana X-Fis from 2009-2014) and I am noticing that unlike my previous noise-cancelling headphones, the QC25s have incredible noise distortion when I am in a windy area, such as walking down the street on a windy day, or in a London Underground station when the air currents pick up.
It is the equivalent of wearing a headset, enabling the microphone and blowing into it. It is very annoying and neither of my past two sets of noise-cancelling headphones have had this problem. I find that if I cover the two small slits on the outside of each cup above the Bose logo (presumably the microphones that record the noise to cancel), then the windy sound stops, but this means I have to have my fingers over the slits permanently, which is utterly impractical and would elminate the noise cancelling! As I plan to use the QC25s on a daily basis to walk to work, and also to use the London Underground, as long as this issue occurs then they are not fit for purpose.
For a nearly £300 pair of headphones, this glaring error is ridiculous. Are my headphones faulty, or working as intended?
I'd appreciate hearing from other QC25 users as to whether they have the same issue.
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Sep 2, 2014

Re: QC25s and Windy Weather

Sorry for the trouble your heaving with the headphones.  
You are correct in your mention that the microphones are located in the headset where you described.  If they are subjected to pressure or significant vibration they could distort or cut out.  Average wind activity shouldn't cause this and they should behave comparably to our previous models such as the QC2's. 
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Thank you.