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Nov 23, 2015

RadioTunes Movie Soundtack channel anomaly

HI All
Not sure whether radiotunes' fans have noticed. But there is a diiferent between what is played for movie soundtrack genre in www.radiotunes.com/soundtracks vs what is played in Soundtouch. 
I played both at same time and it does differ. In the soundtouch version an irritating adversitement starts to play in between tracks. That is not the case when I play via internet. 
Not sure why there will be this difference. If someone can answer it will be great.
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Sep 22, 2015

Re: RadioTunes Movie Soundtack channel anomaly

Hello Swastik,
An internet radio provider – such as Radiotunes - may use different radio streams depending on how their station is accessed. In this case, Radiotunes may have chosen to use a commercial-free stream with their website, and a monetized stream with radio providers like the one used by the Soundtouch application (vTuner). This is why the content you hear over the Soundtouch system may differ from that you hear from Radiotune’s own website.