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Aug 31, 2016

Re: Everything keeps disconnecting

I have 4 BOSE SoundTouch devices that have been experiencing very similar problems with mine causing me to have to do a complete install & reset several times a week. However, they have now somehow managed to remain connected for several days so I'm now at a loss to explain why nor am I confident it'll remain connected.  In my frustration with my BOSE system, I purchased a SONOS system (3 PLAY-1 speakers and a SONOS Sub) that is being used in 2 diifferent rooms located on 2 different floors in our house.  All I can say is wow, what a difference!  No connection issues, more music & radio sources to choose from and an App with seperate bass & treble controls and a SLEEP timer.  I wish I had not spent money on what, IMO, is an inferior product from a company unable to even figure out how to put a sleep timer on their App.  I'll be getting rid of my BOSE SoundTouch products ASAP!