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Jul 12, 2017

Relisten App support

Relisten is a feed from the Internet Archive and has all sorts of cataloged shows from Grateful Dead, Phish and a ton of others. Currently, I have have go direct to my speaker via bluetooth, even though my Alexa is connected. Any possible roadmap thoughts on adding support for this? Sonos seems to have it: https://relisten.net/sonos


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Re: Relisten App support

Hi Rresidori, 


Thanks for posting and your feature suggestion for our speakers.


Is this specifically for SoundTouch enabled speakers, or our range of Smart Home Speakers?


In either instance, we'd be happy to log and forward your feature feedback, but do not have any news to share at present in relation to future product features, collaborations and integrations.


Kind regards,


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Mar 30, 2017

Re: Relisten App support

I'd love this as well!  It's disappointing when I see apps like this being supported by Sonos but nothing for SoundTouch - makes me feel like I made the wrong decision when choosing which ecosystem to go with! 


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